Pomona Investment Fund

Pomona Capital brings its institutional private equity investment strategy to the investing public.

Pomona Investment Fund ("PIF" or the "Fund") is a registered investment vehicle designed to give accredited investors easier access to private equity investing. The Fund's strategy seeks long-term capital appreciation primarily through the purchase of secondary interests in seasoned private equity funds, by making primary commitments to private equity funds and through direct investments in opportunities alongside private equity managers.

PIF is intended for Investors who want access to:


Private Equity

providing accredited investors exposure that can complement and potentially improve the risk/reward characteristics of an investment portfolio


A Value-Oriented Approach

seeking long-term capital appreciation with a lower risk profile


An Experienced Firm

with over 20 years of private equity experience navigating through multiple economic cycles



A User-Friendly Structure

that provides transparency and safeguards

User Friendly Structure

  • 1940 & 1933 Act registered
  • Offered to accredited investors; minimum investment of $25,000
  • 1099 tax reporting
  • IRA friendly
  • Quarterly liquidity*
  • Transparency: semi-annual SEC filings and quarterly NAV pricing

Why Private Equity

  • Return potential
  • Market resilience
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Value creation

Why Secondaries

  • Early IRR gain & cash flow potential
  • Ability to potentially purchase at a discount
  • Reduced blind pool risk
  • Shortened holding period
  • Diversification by vintage, industry, geography, etc.
  • Reduced cost – avoidance of early year fees and expenses


  • Seeks attractive longer-term returns with a lower risk profile
  • Secondaries-focused strategy; limiting “J-curve” and blind pool capital risks while actively seeking to construct an all-weather private equity portfolio
  • Seeks to diversify by strategy, vintage year, industry and geography
  • Broad exposure to the private equity asset class

Target Portfolio

Pie Chart


* Quarterly liquidity expected to commence in 3rd year of operations and subject to the discretion of the Fund’s Board of Trustees.

Pomona Capital has been named 2019 “Best Secondaries House” by industry publication Private Equity Wire. The Private Equity Wire awards recognize the best private equity managers, consultants, advisers and service providers in a range of categories covering the global private equity space. The publication serves wealth advisers, institutional investors and investment managers around the world. Winners are based on a 'peer review system' whereby Private Equity Wire readers select a 'best in class' across different divisions.